Mar 12, 2024

Preventative UPS Maintenance

Prioritising preventative UPS maintenance is essential for businesses requiring uninterrupted critical power, helping to save both time and money by mitigating disruptions.

Implementing a maintenance plan typically includes critical services such as preventative maintenance, which serves via thorough inspections and servicing of relevant equipment while identifying and rectifying any issues. This proactive approach is instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation and safeguarding of your IT infrastructure, making your management approach crucial for your business's security, efficiency, and overall operation. While some causes of downtime are inevitable, inadequate maintenance contributes to over half of system stoppages.

Introducing a preventative maintenance plan can significantly reduce the risk of unexpected power interruptions. Here are the top reasons why prioritising preventative maintenance for your UPS is imperative:

1 - Minimise Downtime

Regular preventative maintenance allows for proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure's health, preventing downtime and ensuring optimal equipment performance. Trained engineers conduct thorough inspections, testing, and cleaning of the entire unit, addressing any potential wear or failures before they escalate into significant issues.

2 - Cost Savings

Investing in frequent check-ups and inspections for your UPS is cost-effective compared to the expenses incurred from sudden failures. Additionally, regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of UPS components by 25 to 50 per cent beyond the manufacturer's expected lifespan, reducing the need for frequent UPS replacements.

3 - Enhanced Performance

Preventative maintenance includes routine cleaning of dust and debris and checks for malfunctioning contacts and connections. These minor maintenance tasks contribute to improved performance. Promptly addressing any age-related or wear-induced issues prevents undue stress on the UPS system, thereby optimising performance and prolonging the lifespan of its components.

4 - Increased IT Productivity

Implementing a preventative maintenance plan alleviates concerns about equipment lifespan management, allowing your staff to focus on their tasks without distractions. Utilising maintenance reports enables timely decision-making regarding repairs and replacements, rather than reacting under pressure during an unexpected power outage.

5 - Simplified Operations

Maintaining a detailed inventory of UPS infrastructure components is an essential aspect of preventative maintenance, albeit challenging. This inventory provides vital information on operational status, deficiencies, and service history, facilitating informed decisions regarding repairs, servicing, and replacement parts. Such meticulous understanding is crucial for effective planning and management of UPS-related operations.

Implementing an efficient preventative maintenance strategy can prove to be one of the most economically sound decisions in maintaining the continuous functionality of critical equipment and the business's overall health.

For additional details, visit our maintenance page or feel free to contact a member of our team today!

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