Apr 4, 2022

NSS-Eco - Saving your capital via green UPS solutions

Let us show you how your new UPS system can pay for itself and continue to save your organisation precious capital year on year.

In April 2022, amid already increasing energy costs, the UK faced gas and electricity price hikes, affecting individual households and organisations the length and breadth of the country, the likes of which nobody had ever seen before.

These increases have meant that businesses and organisations across all sectors have had to accept higher energy costs resulting in an increase of overheads and reduction in profits. Operating costs for data-centres and large server rooms are rising with PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) being scrutinised like never before .

Today's UPS systems are smart and can offer both direct and indirect long-term savings for the end user. They employ "Eco mode", load sharing (and load reduction) technologies, many are now ENERGY STAR certified which translates into energy losses being cut by 30-55%, and they have lower heat output resulting in lower cooling costs. Correct sizing of UPS systems and loading arrangements can also contribute to energy saving allowing the UPS to determine how best to operate efficiently and effectively while an increased number of available (internal) modular systems allow you to 'pay as you grow', all within 1 single physical UPS system.

We can calculate how quickly such a UPS system can pay for itself and go on to save your organisation precious capital through energy savings year on year using your current energy figures and costs. Our energy efficient solutions result in lower heat output, lower CO2 emissions, a smaller footprint and most importantly of all, lower energy bills.

For more information, contact our friendly sales team at sales@nsse.co.uk or call us on 0333 222 4000 today.

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