Mar 21, 2022

The External Maintenance Bypass Switch - essential for every UPS

Your UPS system's importance is second-to-none in providing an emergency back-up power source for your critical load. In order for it to perform effectively and efficiently, a regular maintenance plan should be employed.

An External Maintenance Bypass Switch (EMBS), allows for the UPS to be electrically isolated for maintenance, servicing (or even removal) without disruption to the critical load. Without an EMBS, the only safe method for investigating or remedying a fault, (or to service the UPS), is to power down your critical (connected) load. This means downtime to your business, and in the event of UPS mechanical failure, can mean no power at all to your IT or other downstream equipment. This essential piece of equipment, ensures that there is no interruption to your critical load, which means continuity of business.

Usually a rotary switch or circuit breaker, the EMBS shouldn't be confused with the Static Bypass Switch, a safety cut out system internal to the UPS which instantaneously transfers the load to the mains utility if a fault is detected within the UPS. Nor should the EMBS should not be confused with an integrated bypass switch built into some UPS systems. These only allow for the safe maintenance of isolated parts of the UPS, not items such as Busbars, typically housed inside switchgear and busway enclosures.

The Key Benefits of the EMBS

  • It allows for the UPS to be serviced (or replaced) without interruption to the critical load.
  • It allows for the UPS to be totally isolated from the electrical infrastructure for electrical testing.
  • It allows for flexibility and convenience for UPS installations to take place in normal working hours.
  • It provides a user-friendly, safe switching sequence which eliminates the chance of back-feeding to the UPS.

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