Connect UPS X Web SNMP X Hub Card
Connect UPS X Web SNMP X Hub Card

Product Description

The ConnectUPS X-Slot (ConnectUPS-X) Web/SNMP device allows you to connect your Eaton UPS directly to the Ethernet network and the Internet. This unique solution allows you to conveniently monitor and manage your UPS with a standard Web browser, while simultaneously providing graceful shutdown for multiple computer systems over the network. This card is designed for Eaton UPS with X-Slot. The card also integrates a three-port switching hub to support multiple PCs or networking equipment. 

Compatible with Eaton 5115RM, 5125, 5125RM, 9125, 9140, 9155, 9355, 9370, 9390, 9395 & BladeUPS.

Technical Specification

Warranty 1 Year
Ports and connections
Input Mini-Slot
Communications Fast ETHERNET, 10/100 Mbits, autonegotiation, HTTP 1.1, SNMP V1, SNMP V3, NTP, TFTP, SMTP, BOOTP/DHCP IPv6 Telnet, CLI, SSH, ARP
Dimensions and weight
Width (mm) 132
Depth (mm) 66
Height (mm) 42
Weight (Kg) 1
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