Maintenance Bypass Switches (MBS / EMBS)

Hot-Swap, Rack Mounted & Wall Mounted External Maintenance Bypass Switches. Single & 3 phase, single & dual input.

A Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBS) or External Maintenance Bypass Switch (EMBS), allows for convenient servicing or replacement of a UPS system without affecting the critical (connected) load. It also allows for the isolation of the UPS system should an issue be encountered.

We recommend that a maintenance bypass switch be used in conjunction with every UPS. Without it, having to power down your critical load in the event of a fault, (or to service your UPS), means downtime to your business and in the event of UPS mechanical failure, can mean no power at all to your IT or other downstream equipment.

This relatively low cost, but essential piece of equipment, ensures that there is no interruption to your critical load, which means continuity of business.

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