Replacement UPS Batteries

UPS batteries with next day delivery available from the world’s leading manufacturers. Comprehensive replacement service on all larger UPS systems.

Replacement UPS Batteries

Your UPS system is as important as the critical load you rely on it to protect. It must be remembered that irrespective of the number of times your UPS is called into action, the batteries only have a limited useful lifespan.

UPS systems contain either 5 or 10 year design life batteries which, depending on a number of variables such as location, environmental conditions and cyclic charges, will eventually require replacing.

We offer battery replacement services for all UPS systems and carry most lines from the worlds leading battery manufacturers such as Yuasa, Fiamm, CSB, APC, Exide, Varta, Trojan and Enersys. We can deliver next day on battery kits for the smaller UPS systems, (usually up to 3kVA), these can be replaced by the suitably qualified end user.

For larger systems, we offer a comprehensive battery replacement service which includes delivery and installation of the new batteries, testing of your UPS system and the safe removal and disposal of the exhausted cells (batteries) under current legislation.

As in all of the electrical services we offer, our engineers go through comprehensive training and carry BS 7671 certification.

Further services include:

Load Bank Test - This provides the detailed runtime information your UPS will return in the event of a mains failure.

Battery Impedance Testing - This will determine the internal resistance of each UPS battery, is non-intrusive to the UPS operation and will identify any faulty batteries and provide an estimated serviceable life expectancy.


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