Virtualisation is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility.

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Virtualisation, what exactly is it? 

One single server can now host multiple operating systems and applications simultaneously. Think of it as cramming all of your separate systems into one unit without loss of function. Instead of having lots of physical machines (PCs) you have created a virtualised environment.

We are able to bring you an all-encompassing Converged Infrastructure incorporating IT Rack, Uninterruptible Power Supply, PDUs and software all of which will integrate fully with all of the leading players in Virtualisation. Very few other single solutions allow for complete control, migration and graceful shutdown of all Virtualised environments.

What are the benefits?

  • Run multiple operating systems and applications on a single server.
  • Consolidate hardware to get vastly higher productivity from fewer servers.
  • Substantial savings on overall IT costs.
  • Substantial reductions in hardware requirements.

How do UPS and Power Protection solutions integrate with this?

Intelligent Power software makes it easy to manage power devices in virtualised environments. It plugs into leading virtual machine management systems, including VMware® vCenter™ Microsoft SCVMM™and XenCenter™ and integrates power management functions so that all UPSs and ePDUs in the virtual network can be viewed in the same application, together with network, physical server and storage information.

In the event of power failure the UPS Intelligent Power software triggers desired migration events and graceful shutdown of all virtualised environments followed by the physical server. The below illustration shows how one physical machine using Virtualisation software controls multiple environments and separate technologies contained within that server.

Virtualisation Ups Solutions IPM

Capabilities to minimise and even eliminate downtime through migration

If there is a local power failure, the Intelligent Power software triggers vCenter’s vMotion™ SCVMM’s Live Migration or XenCenter’s XenMotion™ to transparently move virtual machines from the affected server to another server on the network, ensuring data integrity and zero downtime. This is equally effective for Cloud and other Disaster Recovery environments.

Intelligent Power software is ideal for the controlled, graceful shutdown of hypervisors and their guests during prolonged power outages. It invokes shutdown or hibernation of virtual machines, signals the hypervisor to shut down, and powers off the physical server. It supports VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and KVM platforms.

Who are the leading players in Virtualisation?

  • Microsoft
  • Redhat
  • Citrix
  • VMware

There are no complicated processes or scripts to run, the software’s user friendly interface allows for easy choosing of options. Easy as 123? No, easy as NSSE.

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