UPS Technology explained - Online

Complete protection for servers, comms rooms and Data Centres.


Online (or double Conversion) UPS systems are designed for continuous power protection of critical equipment against all nine main power issues.

It ensures a consistent quality of power supply regardless of disturbances in the incoming mains. The output voltage is entirely regenerated by a sequence of AC to DC conversion followed by DC to AC conversion in order to create power supply without any electrical interference. Double Conversion UPS can be used with any type of equipment as there are no transients when changing over to battery power.

The Online UPS will protect against:

  1. Power Failure - Typically caused by lightning strike or a fault with your power providers equipment. Without a UPS, this will cause a hard shutdown, putting data at risk.
  2. Power Sag - Short-term voltage reduction, often caused by start-up of nearby large loads. Power sags can cause equipment crashes and hardware damage.
  3. Power Surge - Short-term high voltage, usually caused by lightning strike nearby. Spikes very often lead to data loss and/or hardware damage.
  4. Undervoltage - Reduced supply voltage lasting from minutes to days. Typically occurs when supply network is overloaded. Can lead to computers behaving unpredictably. 
  5. Overvoltage - Increased supply voltage lasting from minutes to days. Often triggered by rapid reductions in power demands, overvoltage can damage hardware.
  6. Electrical Noise - Interference typically from radio transmitters, welding equipment etc. Noise can cause hard-to-find intermittent problems.
  7. Frequency Variation - Changes in supply frequency, usually only found on supplies from generators.
  8. Switching Transient - Instantaneous Undervoltage, typically lasting a few seconds.
  9. Harmonic Distortion - Supply voltage lasting from minutes to days. Typically occurs when supply network is overloaded. Can lead to computers behaving unpredictably

An example of Online UPS is the Eaton 93PS UPS.

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