UPS Technology explained - Offline

An Offline UPS is perfect for applications such as desktop PCs and the home office.


Offline (or Standby) UPS systems supply power to the application directly from the mains, filtered but without active conversion. In the event of a power cut or fluctuation, the UPS delivers stable power from the battery.

The advantages of this topology are low cost and adequacy for office environments. Passive standby solutions are not suitable if the power supply is of low quality (industrial sites) or subject to frequent disruptions.

The Offline UPS will protect against:

  1. Power Failure - Typically caused by lightning strike or a fault with your power providers equipment. Without a UPS, this will cause a hard shutdown, putting data at risk.
  2. Power Sag - Short-term voltage reduction, often caused by start-up of nearby large loads. Power sags can cause equipment crashes and hardware damage.
  3. Power Surge - Short-term high voltage, usually caused by lightning strike nearby. Spikes very often lead to data loss and/or hardware damage.

An example of the Standby UPS system is the Eaton Ellipse UPS.

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