Which UPS is right for me?

9 common power issues and overview to the 3 main UPS technologies and how they protect.

Which Ups

UPS systems are designed to provide a regulated supply of mains power to your critical load and to protect and ensure continuity of operations at all times but essentially, at times of power failure.

There are 9 main issues which can affect your equipment, the below download looks at this and gives explanation to the 3 main UPS topologies (Standby, Line Interactive and Online) and how they protect against each of the power issues.

Basics of where the 3 main topologies may be used

  • A basic Standby UPS is perfect for applications such as desktop PCs, CCTV equipment and EPOS.
  • Examples of Line-Interactive UPS applications are PCs, Servers, Telecom Switches, Routers / Hubs.
  • Mission critical applications, Servers, Call Centres, Data Centres, Storage, Emergency Lighting, Medical Equipment all require Online (or Double Conversion) UPS systems where only the very top levels of protection are essential.


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